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Mission Soccer Club Technical Plan




MSC programming is based on the Canadian Soccer Association and BC Soccer Association Long Term Player Development.  The LTPD is a player-centric method that puts individual player development over team results.  The overall goal is to ensure players are placed in a program that provides them the most enjoyment, so they play soccer for life.

The MSC technical plan aligns the pathway for MSC players, coaches, and staff.



The LTPD recognizes there are 2 streams of development.  MSC provides a stream for the recreational player who has fun just playing the game, and a development stream for the competitive, motivated player to express themselves.  Mission soccer provides both opportunities wherever possible.  Development programs, however, are open to anyone with the desire to spend extra time developing their skills.


Team coaches, staff, and board members must recognize player movement over player ownership.  To this end, promotion to higher levels of play, both within the club and with our partner clubs, must be supported.  The Technical Director will support and assist players who desire to play in Premier League or higher.


Other than combined age groups, playing in a higher age group will be carefully considered and must be approved by the Technical Director.  Approvals will only stand for 1 playing season and will be reviewed by the Technical Director before the commencement of the next season.

Program descriptions


Tots, U4 and U5:

  • Objective: To provide a fun environment to introduce kids to sport

  • Led by staff coaches and overseen by a head coach

  • ABCs – agility, balance, and coordination

  • Individual ball skills including kicking and moving with the ball

  • Tactical is not coached.  Instead, players participate in various soccer related games for self-discovery of the concepts of play with encouragement from staff.


Timbits, U6 and U7:

  • Objective: Increase motor skills and introduction to playing with others

  • Team coaches overseen by a head coach and assisted by staff coaches

  • ABCs – often with a ball

  • Individual soccer specific skills are introduced: kicking, passing, dribbling, and goalkeeping.

  • Technical – basic passing skills and shooting.

  • Mental – learning through mistakes (self-discovery), confidence, and team awareness

  • Tactical – weekly games with nets, positions, and goal keepers


Minis, U8 to U10:

  • Objective: To learn fundamental soccer skills.

  • Technical – more refined and complicated individual skills.

  • Tactical – phase of play drills are introduced to replicate game situations and teach positional play.

  • Player development program offered for those who want to improve their individual skills and game awareness.


Super 8s and start of 11 aside, U11-U13:

  • Objective: Learn to train

  • Technical – improve individual skills and game awareness

  • Tactical – strategic concepts are introduced

  • Start of tiering teams into recreational and competitive leagues.


Divisional, U14 to U18:

  • Objective: To foster an enjoyment of the game, recreational or competitive, that keeps them playing soccer for life.

  • Technical – refine individual skills and gain understanding of the whole game concepts according to the principles of play.

  • Tactical – defensive/attacking strategies and understanding the results.  Decision making.

  • SAQ – speed, agility, and quickness.

  • Practice sessions become more game related.

Coach development

BC Soccer and the Canadian Soccer Assn. require all coaches to be certified for their age group, and all coaches are required to complete the Respect in Sport course.  CSA provides the online portion of each course for a nominal fee, and either the MSC in house learning facilitator or a neighbouring club will conduct the on-field portion to complete certification.

MSC will reimburse coaches for successful completions of all grassroots and Respect in Sport certifications.  Prior approval must be obtained for reimbursement of C license and higher certification courses.